Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Day 2

We are already on day 2!!
Ok, I know you really don't need to see 10 pictures of basically the same thing. I had one willing subject today that asked to have pictures taken! Since he was willing I said ok & how about a lollipop. I always reserve the pops for my paying clients, but heck I was in a good mood today. I was trying various locations, angles, the light...well everything. So maybe all my friends can tell me the good, the bad & the ugly on these pics. I know I certainly have my mommy googles on.


CC Photography said...

These are adorable. The last four don't look as warm as the first one. The last ones have a smidgen of blue that I'm seeing. Bump up that color girl so that sucker will pop out of my screen! :-) hahahaaha

Heidi Brand said...

Funny how they can be such willing subjects once you offer them a little candy. Nice pictures.