Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day 4

My daughter wants to be a race car driver. She has said this for about 3 years & this is the only thing she wants to be & hasn't changed her mind. This is what is hanging all over her bedroom. It's peel & stick stickers, the kids that are movable & won't damage the walls. So, they are rearranged quite a bit. Oh, & her favorite color is blue & we let her pick the colors for her new room. She has two different shades of blue. And, yes she is a girl...can you believe it?? I love her to pieces.
Tues. & Thurs. are very busy for me. I hadn't taken a photo yet today & thought of this at 9:00pm. I ended up going into a bedroom & shot this. This challenge is to take a photo a day right, of anything? :)


Huffy said...

Amen.. a photo a day! and you did it!! woohoo!! nothing wrong with a girl loving blue!

Anna said...

Hey it was before midnight right. 9pm is a definite part of my day, I still have a lot going on that time of night. Neat idea to document this dream she has.

deeya said...

My niece loves blue too.. and female race car drivers are getting more and more common.. sounds like as good a dream as any..