Sunday, January 21, 2007

Day 7

We had a busy day here, Sunday School, grocery shopping, kids building a snow fort, laundry, homework...well most of you know life is sure busy. I didn't even take my camera out until late tonight. The kids wanted to get matching pjs (because usally they wear mixed up pjs), & get their puppies. They called this a puppy, pj, pile up! Cute, huh? I know the pic. isn't the best but sometimes I just want to take a pic. & not worry about all the settings & such. So, here is my non techincal correct picture.
Tomorrow I"ll get back to posting on all of your blogs. Thanks to all that have left me messages, I read them all!
I should be in bed as my good friend went into labor this evening & I have to watch her other children in the morning. For those of you that don't know I am a night owl & not a morning person at all. Hopefully I'll get to see a newborn tomorrow & get some cute pics!


D Shoro said...

I think this photo is jsut darling! Technically correct or not!

Betty said...

Awww....this is adorable. It's a keeper!

Anonymous said...

Love this shot.. GREAT one! M